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31 Hadkalim St. Kfar Sirkin 49935, ISRAEL
Sara Atzmon

Satan drew his scythe and reaped and reaped until the European Jewry was almost completely wiped out. As a little girl I tried my best to elude the sharp edge of the scythe. I prayed, leaped and danced the dance of life.
For the last 20 years again I have been praying and dancing and trying to explain every which way possible; to recount and to convey through the current generation onto the future generations events which are almost impossible to describe. But without it, who is going to believe in the next generation that purgatory was our home?
When I finally dared to return to the purgatory I needed to muster all my emotional strength. And indeed, with the support of gifted teachers and the help of some good people, I succeeded in revealing the pain of the little girl that fought to survive.
Lately I have founded the society "Despite it All" as well as a trust fund, with the hope that they will make it possible for my works to go on and be exhibited in educational and cultural centers, for the benefit of this generation and through them of future generations, so that they will understand and identify with the battle of a girl that has remained a girl maybe until this very day.

Sara Atzmon


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